Spirtas Wrecking Company is progressing with stabilization and debris removal of one of the buildings at the Lemp Brewery complex that partially collapsed Sunday August 23.

Spirtas starts all emergency work by having our in-house expert project managers assess the situation, and then the project manager devises a plan for stabilization and restoration of what can be retained and safe demolition of structures and building features that need to be removed. Mitigation of hazards drives the design of the plan.  On this project, we’re working “top down” from the roof and uppermost parts of the building. We’ve used a crane and man-lift to access and remove loose bricks, dislodges structural components and debris. Support laborers provide dust suppression spray and acts as spotters to ensure that work is done as safely as possible.

The bicycles stored by the non-profit St. Louis Bworks will be salvaged and returned, if possible.

We are working with stakeholders and City officials to ensure the safest and most expedient process.