“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

– Management – author Peter Drucker –

Spirtas Measures, Reviews and Analyzes it EH&S Performance

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Spirtas Leading Indicators of Safety Culture:

  • Management Commitment

  • Training

  • JSA / Pre-job Brief Participation

  • Unplanned Event Review/Root Cause Analysis

  • Behavioral Based Safety (BBS)

  • Client / Spirtas BBS Observations

Effectiveness Measured by Lagging Indicators:

  • A decade of EMR Decreases (currently 0.76)

  • A decade + of TRIR / Dart reduced, eliminated most recent years

  • Positive internal & Client audits

Spirtas Participation:

Spirtas Prequalifications:

Project Work

Just a few of the projects we have had the honor of being involved in.


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