Spirtas Services

We bring the toughest demolition challenges down to a manageable level.

Spirtas Services

We bring the toughest demolition challenges down to a manageable level.

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Commercial & Industrial

Demolishing with finesse requires careful planning, thorough site assessment and effective, efficient demolition procedures.  OSHA required engineering surveys are conducted on every structure targeted for demolition to determine the best approach to dismantlement and razing.  Spirtas upholds the highest ethical standards, operates in strict compliance with EPA guidelines, and maintains its reputation for completing projects safely, on time and within budget.

Facility Decommissioning

Changing corporate and government priorities sometimes warrant reevaluation of land and facility usage.

The decision to conduct complete facility closure requires specialized skills and a full understanding of the historical factors that contributed to past and current facility conditions.  Spirtas conducts comprehensive site assessments and necessary engineering prior to permit authorization, materials removal, and subsequent plant demolition.  Following auction sales and reclamation’s and remediation of any environmental hazards, Spirtas conducts large scale iron and metals removal and completely recycles salvageable raw materials in keeping with its “no waste” efficiency ethic.  As a prime contractor, Spirtas can plan and execute post-removal activities ranging from new utility installation to landscape restoration.

Environmental Remediation

Hazardous materials present sensitive health and environmental conditions and must be handled safely and completely by certified environmental specialists.

Spirtas successfully eradicated environmental hazards by combining extensive field experience, continuing education, complete documentation and appropriate consultation.  To assure peak performance under the most rigorous circumstances, all Spirtas qualified OSHA 40-hour Hazwoper trained (1910.120) employees are further oriented in-house,  Current with all changing federal, state and local regulations nationwide, our Director of Environmental Health and Safety updates company training programs and tracks compliance on all Spirtas job sites.

Selective Dismantling & Restoration

Time, weather, increased usage, hydro-static pressures and geological evolution all contribute to the need for modifying, retrofitting or repairing existing structures.

When customers mandate the reuse or repair of structures, building components or specific areas, careful removal of outdated or unusable equipment, interior finishes, or damaged elements is required.  Coordination and constant communication with the owner, architect, and prime contractor in all of these cases result in fast, efficient, and effective construction solutions.


A massive structure can be reduced to rubble instantly under the proper conditions using the high-profile technique of implosion. Bringing a structure down quickly with explosives requires specialized skill, experience and precision teamwork. Spirtas engineers and specialist analyze the site, assess the conditions and direct the implosion, allowing for special considerations such as immense steel, concrete reinforcement, heavy equipment, extreme building height, utility exposures, underground tunnels, and neighboring structures. Spirtas’ timely implosion services, proven capabilities, related cleanup and ongoing customer satisfaction attest to the firm’s professional management and expertise.

Project Work

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