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Duke Energy Wabash – Terre Haute, Indiana

The Wabash site included demolition of six (6) coal fired electric generation units and appurtenant facilities including chimneys, precipitators, crib houses, oil unloading equipment and storage tanks, dry fly ash system, transformers and coal conveyor system. Total Nameplate Generating Capacity of the six generators demolished as 962 MW.   Boiler House demolition is proceeding through the balance of 2020. 

The project included:

  • asbestos and ORMs abatement and disposal
  • underwater closure of river discharge tunnel and piping, and offshore demolition of river cells.
  • demolition of overpass bridge and road over rail lines
  • demolition of concrete turbine pedestals and backfill of 35’ deep turbine basement
  • complete disassembly of turbine rotors, stators and exciters with the use of re-powered 150- ton turbine crane
  • complete sub-grade removal of the six turbine condensers and water piping
  • removal of the entire steel and concrete structure along with footings and crushings of all concrete to be left on site.

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Duke Energy Wabash River Station


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