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Mile High Stadium – Denver, Colorado

Once the McNichols arena was demolished and the new INVESCO field was built, demolition of Mile High began. We began with asbestos removal which took approximately four months to complete.

Once the environmental work achieved the half-way point, the demolition activity began simultaneously with the second half of the asbestos removal. When the environmental work was finished, we began separating each of the Mile High Sections in order to begin bringing each of them down. All seats sat on concreted slabs on a grade. Regular concrete would not have held the weight of our excavators. Steel beams locked into the jaws of each excavator were used (sometimes 3 machines lined up next to one another) as a devise to pull the seats out and down onto the field where they were loaded with other C&D waste. Six excavators and two crawler cranes with lattice booms were used throughout the project.

We executed a plan that included pulling each bay of Mile High down once each bay was prepared, cut and ready to pull. Separations were completed with “old fashioned” manpower. Once cut, each section would remain standing on its own until it was brought down.

The project was performed in the form of a large “U” i.e. we went from one side of the stadium to the other and considering the close proximity of Mile High to the new Invesco Field, it remained important throughout the project to be sure that none of our equipment and subsequent demolition activity interfered with the brand new structure.

This project included removal of the entire steel and concrete structure along with footings and crushings of all concrete to be left on site.

Project Details


January 21st, 2001


City of Denver Colorado


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