Project Description

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Demolition of Former Koppers Coke Plant – Clairton, PA 

This project included a carefully phased sequence of demolition and dismantling conducted in concert with industrial residue cleaning and regulated material abatement.  Because the Koppers Clairton site serviced the adjacent U.S. Steel (USS) Coke Plant, the Koppers site shares physical footprint as well as utility and process line interconnects with the USS plant.  Demolition work was coordinated with utility modifications conducted by both CLP and USS.  SWC managerial personnel have worked to define and schedule these logistical requirements in a way to best satisfy the demands of the project stakeholders.  SWC staff and industrial cleaning staff organized their tasks to assist each other in achieving production better than would be achieved by their working separately.

Four demolition-fitted excavators, including one high-reach excavator fitted with shear attachments, were utilized during the work.  Selective work near active assets included crane dismantlement of a processing column, flare stack and portion of a loading apparatus.

Approximately 8,000 net tons of metal scrap was recycled as part of the project.


Project Scope

Demolition of former industrial equipment and related structures.

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