Spirtas Wrecking Company has a 66 year history of working to safely decommission power plants (like the Wood River Power Station in Alton, Illinois), infrastructure, and other complex demolition projects.

Our management team at Spirtas regularly works closely with stakeholders and community leadership at every level to ensure safe and effective demolition and decommissioning of industrial structures that include obsolete power plants, chemical processing centers, and factories. Spirtas’ leadership includes a full-time committed director of environmental health and safety who has over 30 years of specialized experience addressing complex health and safety issues on all our projects (big and small). Every single member of our team, from our field workers to project managers are informed and kept up to date with the best safety training available.

For more than half a century Spirtas has regularly won awards and been recognized for our excellent safety record. We are proud to be a local St. Louis company and we take immense pride in our company-wide culture of health and safety.

Further questions about Spirtas Wrecking Company’s safety should be directed to:

Stanley Lewandowski, C.I.H